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Design is intelligence made visible

Website design is the visual representation of a web page, which implies the totality of all its graphic elements. The page should be focused at the target audience and match the client’s vision. A personal site is currently not a privilege – it is a necessary tool in the work of any enterprise. A business project is doomed if it does not have an online business card on the Internet.

A beautiful website is not a luxury, but a necessary investment for your business. The web page should grab attention and hold it until the client understands that the web-studio’s product is what he needs. But at the same time, your potential customers belonging to the target audience will not waste time on the portal that does not work properly, has an intricate, inconvenient interface, and besides, there is no mobile version.

In modern realities, it is important not only to create a web page, it is necessary to make it competitive, aesthetic, understandable and structured. Creation of a competent ergonomic interface and aesthetically high-quality presentation of the page is the main task that web designers set before. “Ra-Solo Web-studio” offers its clients the services of competent specialists with many years of experience in the field of creation, promotion and website design development at a bargain price. The studio practices an integrated and individual approach to each client, focusing on the specifics of his business.

The basics of a high-quality web page are unique design and a clean interface

The immediate goal of creating any portal is to familiarize the user with the information posted on it. When developing a project for a future site, web designers focus not only on aesthetic aspects, but also on developing a simple and intuitive interface for the convenience of users. The specialists analyze the appropriate market. They build a future resource project based on a thorough assessment of the target audience and competing companies, create the necessary user options, make the menu available to a simple and inexperienced visitor.

“Ra-Solo Web-studio” performs all types of work to create the design of web pages:

  • collection of baseline data;
  • analysis of offers and pricing policies of competitors;
  • development of a design concept for a website, focusing on the advantages and features of the customer’s goods and/or services;
  • creation of an individual project that meets the needs of the client;
  • layout development and programming;
  • launch of the finished project.

An integrated approach to the implementation of tasks, the services of experienced specialists and the best prices for work – these factors favorably distinguish the “Ra-Solo Web-studio” among its competitors.

Individual approach to web page design development

A high-quality and selling web site design cannot be boilerplate. Thus, each individual business requires an individual approach, which is based on finding out the type of target audience and the product required for it. The landing page for an home appliance online store will be strikingly different from the landing page for an online art gallery. Each individual portal has its own tools to ensure the effective functioning and promotion of the site.

The specialists of the “Ra-Solo Web-studio” try to avoid stereotyped solutions when creating web pages. The studio’s work is aimed at identifying the specifics of the business, defining the target audience and following the current market standards. The product released by the specialists of the web studio "Ra-Solo" effectively works for the customer and always brings the desired result. On the way to success, maximum efforts are made by a team of narrow-profile web designers, each of whom solves his own specific tasks, according to his specialization.

For each project, a concept is drawn up with a description of all the issues and problems that the portal must solve. At this stage, there is an active communication with the customer, as well as an analysis of competition in the market for his goods and/or services. This concept does help to determine the main purpose of a web resource. This concept also does help to understand how the content of the site is qualitatively different from the content of similar pages on competitors’ sites.

Mobile version

Modern web page design is inseparable from trends in the development of functionality of mobile devices. Most users connect to the web with smartphones or tablets. For the convenience of customers, a mobile version is used, which completely duplicates the portal information in a convenient format adapted for a specific device. This add-on should be implemented concurrently with the creation of the web page, so that users can use all the necessary tools using any type of device. The mobile version often gets its own network address, which is formed by adding the prefix "m" to the main domain name.

In its work, the “Ra-Solo Web-studio” adheres to the principle of constant development. The studio’s specialists keep up with the times, offering clients an innovative approach based on the development of an individual website design. In addition to the mobile version of the web page, the studio provides its customers with the promotion of their site in social networks, as well as the implementation of adapted applications for tablets and smartphones.

The milestones of creating a web page design

A website is a showcase of a business that must function correctly and fulfill its main task – to advertise a product. The creation of a resource design on the network includes several stages:

  1. Development of the concept of the future portal based on the specifics of the business and its strengths. Analysis of the competitive market and determination of the target audience.
  2. Creation of the structure of the web page. Determination of the number and type of instruments, registration forms, cart, feedback, etc.
  3. Preparation of the layout of the site. Drawing graphic elements, сo-ordination with the customer about the shades and textures.
  4. The layout development using programming. Creation of CSS styles.
  5. Implementation of HTML blocks either to the structure of a content management system, or to the files of a templating engine or to the framework views

Each of these stages is of great importance for the full operation of a functioning website. Creation of a web resource is a difficult job that must be done by real specialists in their field. The “Ra-Solo Web-studio” offers its services for the development of a "turnkey" website design in Kharkov and other regions of Ukraine, as well as for foreign customers who can pay for our services in the national currency of Ukraine. The studio’s specialists are highly qualified professionals with vast experience and a rich, voluminous portfolio, who, in addition to website design, are engaged in the professional creation and development of web pages, programming non-standard algorithms and complex interactive systems.

Order website design from the “Ra-Solo Web-studio”

“Ra-Solo Web-studio” carries out a full range of work on web pages, from creating a layout of the future site and ending with the launch of a ready-made turnkey project. An unconventional approach, focused on the target audience and in line with the client’s perceptions, is the company’s specialization. You can order website design and other services for the promotion and creation of web pages at the official website of the “Ra-Solo Web-studio”. The approximate amount of the contract can be calculated using the website cost calculator.

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