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Let us recall one of the fundamental thoughts that came down to us from the classics of the world philosophical school. This thought is that the economic side of life is determining, among other things, what a person does. Money rules the world – this is not news. In this article, we will also deal with money. Let’s consider an easy way to make money by participating in the affiliate program of our web studio.

The idea of making money on an affiliate program is as old as the world. A partner, who is also an intermediary, advertises the services of the manufacturer, in this case the manufacturer of the service is our web studio. If the advertisement is successful and we have new clients, then we will gladly pay the partner the fee due to him in the amount of 10 % of all payments of these new clients. For convenience, hereinafter, we will refer to these new customers as referrals.

We have fully automated accounting of referrals and partner deductions in the service control panel web studio environment. If you want to become a member of the affiliate program, then your procedure should be as follows:

  1. Register your account at control panel site.
  2. Confirm your email address by following the instructions in a special email that will be sent to your mailbox.
  3. Sign in to the system at control panel site.
  4. Go to user dashboard.
  5. Click on the text of the affiliate link in order for the link address to be copied to the clipboard.
  6. Send the link to friends, acquaintances and employees if they are interested in the services of our web studio, as well as publish the link on their pages in social networks.
  7. Periodically go to the control panel and track the receipts of your partner rewards.
  8. Provide the web studio administrator with your payment details for making payments of partner rewards.

Let’s illustrate the above process with a few screenshots. The green circles in the screenshots indicate the places on the page where you should perform certain actions. The numbers indicate the order of these actions.

If you already have credentials for our control panel, then you could sign in straight away. To do this, simply enter your credentials and click the button:

How to sign in to the control panel if you already have credentials

To register in the system, open this page (just click on the link Register) and fill in the required fields, and also accept our Terms and Conditions:

How to register in the control panel

If the data is entered correctly, you will receive the following message:

How does the message about successful registration in the system look like

You can close the page where you see the message about successful registration, because now you need to confirm the email address you provided. We open our mailbox, check the “Inbox” and “Spam” folders, find the required letter and open it:

This is what the address confirmation letter looks like in the list of letters.

Find the confirmation link in the body of the letter and open it:

This is what the text of the address confirmation letter looks like

If you did everything correctly, you will see a message about the successful confirmation of the email address. Now we go to the login page, then we click on the corresponding link:

This is what the email confirmation message looks like

On the login page, you submit your username and password that you have entered during registration. Instead of login, you could use your email:

Screenshot of the login page to the control panel with the entered details

When a users log into their account for the first time, they receive the following message:

Appearance of the message when you first enter the control panel

You will not be able to see this message again, however, all links specified in it are in the user menu of the control panel.

So, you have successfully logged into your account. There is little left – to get an affiliate link and send it to your potential referrals. It’s easy to do. Close the welcome modal window, then click on the referral link text in the sidebar of the desktop:

Desktop screenshot – where to click to copy the referral link

Well done! The URL has been copied to your clipboard, which we receive a message about in a new modal window:

Screenshot of the message in the modal window about copying the link

Now all we have to do is send this link to potential referrals. We open our mailbox, create a letter and paste data from the clipboard. This screenshot shows an example of the text of an email that you could send to one of your friends or acquaintances:

This is what the text of a letter with an invitation to order a website looks like

If one of your referrals will pay for our services, you will get a menu item My finances/My referrals , in where you will see information like this, paginated:

As you can see, everything is very simple! All we have to do is spend your honestly earned money.

In conclusion, we would like to answer a completely natural question – where does the web studio get the funds for payments to our partners? The answer is very simple – this money will be paid out of the funds reserved for advertising of web studio services. As service providers, we do not see the difference between paying for the services of partners who advertise our studio, on the one hand, and paying for advertising in its usual form, for example, in the media, on social networks or on Internet sites.

We sincerely wish you the best of luck!

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