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Who we are

Web studio "Ra-Solo" is a team of highly professional programmers. For many years we have been creating application projects based on the modern software. We have vast experience in the field of system and applied programming, in particular, our team was engaged in solving scientific research problems in the field of numerical modeling of stochastic processes.

We understand that commercial success comes only when the contractor:

  • thinks first about work, and only then about the amount of the contract;
  • considers the contract conditions from the customer's perspective.

Your success is our business. You can be convinced of this if you look at the projects performed for our customers:

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Our qualifications

Our programmers are proficient in the latest technologies for developing web resources. The diagram below shows the estimated characteristics of the amount of knowledge that allows us to perform the highly complex tasks.

PHP 7.4.0 82%
Java Script ES9 2018 69%
MySQL 8.0 77%
CSS 3 72%
Linux CentOS 6.10 88%

Our basic principles

The development of Internet projects is not only a technical task, but also a creative one. But any creativity requires basic principles. We also have them:

  • The purpose sets the methods to achieve it.
  • Visualization is the basis of interactivity.
  • Harmony makes a design sing.
  • Typography shapes perception.
  • Organization unifies.
  • White space creates balance.
  • Visual hierarchy keeps navigation simple.
  • Authenticity fosters trust.
  • Focus on the user.
  • Think Long-Term.
  • Don't repeat yourself.
  • Know your field.
  • Start with the business objective.

Legal status

A.V.Galagan. Individual Entrepreneur.

  • Certificate B00 #969196 by 20.12.2000 registration # 2 480 017 0000 046226


    A.V.Galagan. PhD in Physics and Mathematics.

  • PhD Certificate КД № 050405
  • Dissertation “The features of non-linear phenomena in the crossed field tridimensional interaction space.” https://nure.ua/

Our specialization

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