The resource "The Business Card “SpilServis”"

The Business Card “SpilServis”

The site of the public services enterprise “SpilServis”
  • The Trucking theme of Pixel Industry company production is implemented
  • The content management system has been developed by the programmers of the “Ra-Solo” studio
  • The standard jQuery slider is used, as well as the MooTools toolkit
  • Website layout is responsive
The resource "The Desktop Wallpaper Collection"

The Desktop Wallpaper Collection

An Exclusive collection of computer desktop wallpaper “Beautiful pictures”
  • CMS Wordpress is used
  • The original functionality of recording images by our own production is used
  • The components are: the slideshow, automated image processing
  • Such plug-ins have been adapted: “Ultimate form builder”, “Rus to Lat”
  • The site is offered in two languages: Russian and English
The resource "The SPA “Gazelektropribor” Official Site"

The SPA “Gazelektropribor” Official Site

The official site of the Scientific and Production Association “Gazelektropribor”, Moscow
  • CMS Wordpress is used
  • The functionality for maintaining of the customer requests database is developed
  • Two types of slideshow have been implemented: Owl Carousel and Slideshow Gallery
  • A modal window image view feature is implemented
The resource "The Travel Stories"

The Travel Stories

The tourist portal and forum “The world of travel”
  • CMS DLE is used
  • Geographic selection of materials on the map is implemented
  • Animated tag cloud is installed
  • The main algorithm of the site is supplemented with a DLE Files Group forum module
  • A two-level system of categories for the post selection by geographic and conceptual features is implemented
The resource "Tracking Exchange Rates"

Tracking Exchange Rates

The software for monitoring of electronic and crypto currency exchange rates
  • The content management system was developed by the programmers of the “Ra-Solo” studio
  • The components are hosted on two remote servers
  • The AJAX technology is widely used in this project – data exchange without reloading the whole page
  • The visitor can see the exchange rate dependencies on time
The resource "The Corporate Website “League of taste”"

The Corporate Website “League of taste”

Website of the confectionery manufacturer, Murmansk
  • CMS Joomla is used
  • The original design is developed
  • The object contour is processed on all confectionery product photos
  • Plug-in for automatic site map generation is installed
  • The separate lists of products and brands have been implemented
The resource "The Climatic Equipment"

The Climatic Equipment

The climatic equipment online store, Moscow
  • CMS Joomla/VirtueMart is used
  • The JSN ImageShow PRO slideshow is installed
  • The following sections have been implemented: the choice of goods by category and price, the recommended and popular products feature, the currency exchange rate indicator
  • The currency change feature is available
The resource "The animated sitcom “South Park”"

The animated sitcom “South Park”

The fan community site of the “South Park” animated sitcom
  • CMS Joomla is used
  • The following sections and components have been implemented: the site visitor survey component, the modal window photo gallery software, the “best author” block
  • The comic test “Who are you in “South Park” is implemented

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