The resource "The “Yekaterina” Online Store"

The “Yekaterina” Online Store

The lingerie online store “Yekaterina”
  • CMS Wordpress/Woocommerce is used
  • Such plug-ins have been adapted: “Ultimate form builder”, “Rus to Lat”
  • The free “WooThemes” theme is adapted
  • The child theme with original design is created
The resource "The “Ra-Solo” Online Store"

The “Ra-Solo” Online Store

The electronics online store “Rа-Solo”
  • CMS Opencart is used
  • The Zerocarts template is installed and improved
  • The layout of the header and footer is changed
  • The anchor texts are shown using MVC technology
The resource "The Pulscity Fashion Accessories"

The Pulscity Fashion Accessories

The fashion accessories online store
  • CMS Joomla/VirtueMart is used
  • The JSN ImageShow PRO slideshow is installed
  • The site visitor survey component is implemented
  • The feature of sorting by different criteria is available
  • The currency exchange rate indicator is installed
The resource "The Professional Literature"

The Professional Literature

The professional literature online store, Kazakhstan
  • CMS Joomla/VirtueMart is used
  • The following sections have been implemented: store news, news of literature, a block of recent acquisitions
  • The transaction currency change feature is available
The resource "Real Estate Agency “Modernizatsya”"

Real Estate Agency “Modernizatsya”

The real estate agency “Modernizatsya” official site, Moscow
  • CMS Wordpress is used
  • Video block is implemented
  • The following sections have been implemented: video news, the site visitor survey component, plugin for automatic site map
  • RSS-feed plugin is installed
  • The Feedback Form plugin is installed
The resource "The “Mobile chest” collection"

The “Mobile chest” collection

The “Mobile chest” catalogue of programs, doo-dads and cool stuff for gadgets.
  • CMS Wordpress is used
  • The site visitor survey component is implemented
  • The user registration plug-in is adapted
  • The site search engine is implemented
The resource "The Online Store “Tobacco and accessories”"

The Online Store “Tobacco and accessories”

Online store of tobacco, accessories and smoking accessories
  • CMS Wordpress/Woocommerce is used
  • The Mega-Shop theme of Templatemela company production is implemented
  • The original algorithm for fast calculation and display of statistics of product attributes have been developed by the studio “Ra-Solo” programmers
The resource "The Consultative and Diagnostic Center"

The Consultative and Diagnostic Center

Business card of the Consultative and Diagnostic Center «Insite»
  • Technology is the PHP+jQuery classic template engine
  • The template Clinix of Themifycloud production is implemented
  • Content by “Ra-Solo” web studio
  • The Boootstrap framework is implemented

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