The resource "Hosting control panel"

Hosting control panel

“Ra-Solo” web studio hosting control panel
  • Laravel Framework is used
  • A full-service billing system is implemented
  • An administrator messaging system is implemented
  • Four external payment systems are available for balance non-cash replenishment
  • Customer authorization is available not only by E-mail, but also by login
The resource "The Operating Online Store “Tropic”"

The Operating Online Store “Tropic”

The official site of the “Tropic” online store: goods for for tourism, sports, outdoor activities and travel, Kyiv
  • CMS Wordpress/Woocommerce is used
  • The Electro theme of MadrasThemes production is implemented
  • An algorithm of our production for comparing products is installed
  • An algorithm of our production for creating a favorite lists is installed
  • The goods characteristics synchronization system is installed
The resource "The Online Store “Altair”"

The Online Store “Altair”

The locks and latches online store “Altair”
  • CMS Wordpress/Woocommerce is used
  • The Bloog Pro theme of Nepalese company production is implemented
  • Translation into Russian by: studio “Ra-Solo”
  • We have developed the user menu interactive adjustment algorithm
  • Our plugin for backup copies management is installed
The resource "Landing Page “GI Recovery Program”"

Landing Page “GI Recovery Program”

Landing page for the presentation of a unique program for the restoration of the gastrointestinal tract
  • The HTML template GreenDay by Zemez is implemented
  • Original algorithm “Health Test” is developed
  • There is some jQuery animation
  • A slideshow is implemeneted
  • Feedback requests are stored in the database on the server
The resource "The Online Store “Tobacco and accessories”"

The Online Store “Tobacco and accessories”

Online store of tobacco, accessories and smoking accessories
  • CMS Wordpress/Woocommerce is used
  • The Mega-Shop theme of Templatemela company production is implemented
  • The original algorithm for fast calculation and display of statistics of product attributes have been developed by the studio “Ra-Solo” programmers
The resource "The Online Store “Nostalgic tobacco”"

The Online Store “Nostalgic tobacco”

Online store of tobacco products – both modern and retro
  • CMS Wordpress/Woocommerce is used
  • The HTML template Humpty Daycare&Kindergarten of EnvyTheme company production is implemented
  • Our programmers have developed an original algorithm for supporting the automatic product menu.
  • The awesome system of discounts has been implemented. The discount is calculated depending on the number of items in the cart
The resource "Good Auto Lmt"

Good Auto Lmt

One-page site for an auto parts trade company
  • The usual Bootstrap layout is created
  • JQuery animation effects used