The resource "The “Yekaterina” Online Store"

The “Yekaterina” Online Store

The lingerie online store “Yekaterina”
  • CMS Wordpress/Woocommerce is used
  • Such plug-ins have been adapted: “Ultimate form builder”, “Rus to Lat”
  • The free “WooThemes” theme is adapted
  • The child theme with original design is created
The resource "The SPA “Gazelektropribor” Official Site"

The SPA “Gazelektropribor” Official Site

The official site of the Scientific and Production Association “Gazelektropribor”, Moscow
  • CMS Wordpress is used
  • The functionality for maintaining of the customer requests database is developed
  • Two types of slideshow have been implemented: Owl Carousel and Slideshow Gallery
  • A modal window image view feature is implemented
The resource "Real Estate Agency “Modernizatsya”"

Real Estate Agency “Modernizatsya”

The real estate agency “Modernizatsya” official site, Moscow
  • CMS Wordpress is used
  • Video block is implemented
  • The following sections have been implemented: video news, the site visitor survey component, plugin for automatic site map
  • RSS-feed plugin is installed
  • The Feedback Form plugin is installed
The resource "The “Mobile chest” collection"

The “Mobile chest” collection

The “Mobile chest” catalogue of programs, doo-dads and cool stuff for gadgets.
  • CMS Wordpress is used
  • The site visitor survey component is implemented
  • The user registration plug-in is adapted
  • The site search engine is implemented
The resource "The Online Store “Tobacco and accessories”"

The Online Store “Tobacco and accessories”

Online store of tobacco, accessories and smoking accessories
  • CMS Wordpress/Woocommerce is used
  • The Mega-Shop theme of Templatemela company production is implemented
  • The original algorithm for fast calculation and display of statistics of product attributes have been developed by the studio “Ra-Solo” programmers
The resource "The Online Store “Nostalgic tobacco”"

The Online Store “Nostalgic tobacco”

Online store of tobacco products – both modern and retro
  • CMS Wordpress/Woocommerce is used
  • The HTML template Humpty Daycare&Kindergarten of EnvyTheme company production is implemented
  • Our programmers have developed an original algorithm for supporting the automatic product menu.
  • The awesome system of discounts has been implemented. The discount is calculated depending on the number of items in the cart